Click a color

and listen to music in that mood.



Moody is a small application that makes it possible to choose music from your library depending on which mood of music you like to hear, rather than genre or album. Here you get a taste of what that is like.

Only for legacy

This is just here for legacy and to show an example of the use of Moody. Since Seeqpod no longer is alive this online player is kinda slowly dying too.

Each color represent a mood

Roughly you got intense tracks at the top, calm tracks at the bottom, happy tracks to the right and melancholic tracks to the left.

Popup player

If you want a small player in a popup window, launch it here.




This was powered by Seeqpod, who sadly shut down, but we still have some urls in the database. Enjoy as long as it lasts!

This was alpha

And is no longer supported.
Discuss how you like the idea in the forum.

The music

The tracks are played from all over the internet, so the quality and accessibility of the files might vary. If a song doesn't load, skip to next.

Crayon Room is a small company making nice music apps for Mac and PC.