• The wait is over

    Album Art Screensaver is a screensaver for Windows inspired by the iTunes album art screensaver bundled with Mac OS. If you have been jealous of your Mac-owning friends who can enjoy this nifty thing on their desktop, look no further. This screensaver does everything it's predecessor does, and then some!

  • High compability

    The Album Art screensaver can retrieve artwork from your music collection in numerous ways, making it compaitble with most music libraries out there.

  • Low overhead

    The screensaver consumes little system resources, and runs smoothly on old computers with scarce hardware.

  • iTunes support

    If you are using iTunes setting up the screensaver is smooth like a breeze. For versions 7 and up, the screensaver can also display info on the currently playing track.

  • SlimServer support

    If you happen to own a Squeezebox (like I do) you can integrate the screensaver with your SlimServer to show info on the currently playing track, and to easily retrieve artwork from you music collection. Requires SlimServer version 6.5.1 or higher.

  • Donate!

    The screensaver is completely free of charge to download and use. If you find yourself liking it, please make a donation.

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